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Raise your vibration!

Wherever you look on the Internet nowadays, you come across the same terms; "Raise your vibration," "expand your consciousness", "switch to a high-vibe diet". But what do these terms actually mean? They are sometimes difficult to understand, especially if you are not yet completely familiar with their context.

To exactly understand our personal vibration, we need to take a few steps back and go back to the beginning. Everything that exists in the universe is basically Energy. The things you perceive around you are not just in the shape in which you see them. They are actually all vibrations, vibrating at a certain speed. The level of this vibration is called, the vibrational frequency.

Everything that exists has a vibration frequency. As the vibration of different objects and things is different, they also take on different shapes. Just like the couch in your living room, the screen you’re reading this on right now, the water you shower with in the morning – are all energy, so is our human body. This means that we humans have a certain vibration frequency or 'level of vibration'.

And that's truly INCREDIBLY important to realise! Because your personal vibration frequency, influences countless aspects of your life! We do not perceive energy to be the essence of everything, which is why we often live our life without realising that we are all energy. By becoming aware of the fact that we also have a vibrational frequency and that the level of this frequency affects every day of our lives, we’re ready to start working on this.

The fact is that, the higher your personal level of vibration, the more balance, clarity and harmony can arise in your life!

I can hear you thinking out loud: “Why didn't I know any of this?! And what exactly can I do to increase my 'level of vibration' and my 'personal frequency'?”

I'm going to try to help you with that. Increasing our personal level of vibration is quite a process. You have to see it as a lifestyle change that you’re willing to make. Every step along the way is going to help you to achieve a vibration that is as high as possible.

I have displayed the universal scale of consciousness here below. It shows on what different levels our energy can wreak havoc. Our vibration is not always the same, but often oscillates between different states of being. As you can see from the image, the vibration that accompanies "shame" is at the very lowest end of the scale, and "enlightenment" is at the absolute top. Enlightenment is actually our natural state, but because we have to deal with all kinds of obstacles in our human body, our vibration is often lower. We, ourselves can achieve a higher vibration, by increasing it step by step and thus leading the way to a life as our ultimate ‘being / self’.

Tips to increase your vibration:

Detox your system

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables (food with high vibration)

No red meat (low vibration)

As little alcohol as possible

Use as few chemicals as possible. Did you know, for example, that our regular shower products, cleaning products, detergent etc., etc. are often full of chemicals? Avoid contact!

Trauma softening (all emotional baggage weighs us down tremendously)

Show gratitude - gratitude affirmations

MEDITATION - when through meditation you do not project your energy onto thoughts in the future or in the past but try to keep your thoughts focused onto the NOW, you will keep your energy close to you, while otherwise you would use that energy in a different way.


Help Others

Spend time in nature

Increasing our vibration sounds simpler than it is. The more often you consciously work on this, the more you realise that it really is a process you will work on for the rest of your life. That doesn't mean it is necessarily hard work for the rest of your life. The higher your "frequency" becomes, the easier everything will be energetically.

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